Student Storage (August 2020 - March 2021)

Have a stress-free summer. We will collect your belongings and store them in a safe place until you return. 

2020 Student Storage prices start from -

  • 1-10 boxes/bags - $20 per week.

-       For each Pick-up and Delivery $50 or $70 (if you can’t)

  • One room lot - $25 per week.

-       For each Pick-up and Delivery $70 (with you helping) or $95 (if you can’t)

-       A One room lot consists of 1 bed, 1 desk, 1 chair, bookshelf or two, a chest of draws, and 1-5 boxes. Anything more, additional charges apply



Conditions apply

  • Owner of items must be present for collection, otherwise items will not be taken.
  • If the number of items exceed that stated, for every 5 additional items, prices increase $5 per week and $10 for each pick-up and delivery
  • Prices quoted may vary to those charged, due to the number of items being stored.
  • The last pick up day is the 11th Dec 2020
  • If items are too heavy to lift, they may not be taken to storage
  • All conditions are at the discretion of the driver.